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Czech national tree - magic lime tree

Lime tree has been the tree of the Slavonic people officially since 1848; it is considered a national tree not only by Czechs but also by Slovaks and Slovenians.

Lime tree was attributed a protective force, people used to plant it near their habitations, relaxed in the shade of its crowns, and gathered under them to make important decisions.

Many lime trees were for example planted in 2018 as a tribute to the 100year anniversary of the establishment of the Czechoslovakia. They are also called lime trees of freedom or generally lime trees of the republic to commemorate Czech national freedom and democracy.

In addition to thousands of beautiful lime trees creating the character of many landscapes in the Czech Republic, the lime tree can be also found on two important Czech symbols – presidential standard and state seal. The motif of lime tree can also be found on military uniforms and banknotes.

Inseparable from the Czech Republic is the traditional production of puppets which are often made of soft lime wood. There are only two lime species native in the Czech Republic: large-leaved lime (Tilia grandifolia /Ehrh./Vollm./ T. platyphyllos Scop.) and small-leaved lime (Tilia cordata Mill.).

The magic power of lime tree plays the main role in the most played Czech theatre play “Lucerna” (The Lantern) by Alois Jirásek, which was first staged at the Prague National Theatre in 1905.

Source: www.stromroku.cz