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Forest Pedagogy in the Czech Republic

Forest pedagogy is one of the forms of working with the public when specially trained foresters bring visitors closer to the forest and forestry.

Forest pedagogues have been working in the Czech Republic over twenty years.

The concept of forest pedagogy got to the Czech Republic from the neighbouring Austria at the end of the 1990s. Since that time, some twelve hundreds of forest pedagogues have been trained. They perform their work mostly in one of forest organizations – e.g. urban forests, state forests, military forests, forestry schools etc. Already since 2007, these forestry entities have been mutually coordinating their activities by means of a Working group at the Ministry of Agriculture. Their activities are in accordance with the document on which they agreed together and in which they set their objectives and plans. The document was signed up by 19 forestry entities.

Together with 16 other countries, the Czech Republic is a member of the Forest Communicators‘ Network - Subgroup-Forest Pedagogics.